Oat Groats

Oat groats should be your best friend. They are the whole food, unprocessed version of oat meal, which has been steamed, pressed, etc. to shorten the cooking time. Yes, groats take a while to cook, but I promise it’s easy and totally worth it. They provide a good dose of fiber and protein (that’s right- protein!). In order to emphasize this point, I’m actually going to quote Wikipedia:

“Oat protein is nearly equivalent in quality to soy protein, which World Health Organization research has shown is equal to meat, milk, and egg protein. The protein content of the hull-less oat kernel (groat) ranges from 12 to 24%, the highest among cereals.”

Get it? They’re really awesome.

They can be a little tricky to locate, but my local natural foods store always has them available in the bulk section. I’m sure you could order them online if you don’t have them available locally.

Now, how to prepare them:

-Combine 1 cup of groats and 3 cups of water in a pot.
-Bring the water to a boil, and then immediately turn it down to a simmer.
-Let them simmer for about 40-50 minutes, stirring a few times while you wait (it helps to scrape the bottom as you stir so they don’t burn or stick down there).
-The groats will be done when there is a very small amount of liquid left in the pot, but the groats are fluffed up (don’t cook them till they’re dry). Turn off the heat and give them another good stir and then let them sit 5-10 minutes. The remaining liquid will be absorbed during this time.

Now you can make the best breakfast ever.

Take a big scoop of groats and top with almond butter, berries, sliced banana, almond milk, and stevia if you need them extra sweet. Enjoy!

I normally make a double batch and keep the groats in the fridge for up to a week. You can reheat them, eat them cold like cereal with fruit and lots of almond milk (my favorite), or add them to your breakfast smoothie to make it more substantial.

Mmmmmm….creamy groat-y goodness!

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3 responses to “Oat Groats

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  2. I tried mine this morning with unsweetened coconut milk, dried cherries and a little sprinkled coconut (unsweetened) on top. Very Indonesian.

    • That sounds delicious Sandy! If you’re into coconut, you should try coconut manna/butter (if you haven’t already). It’s made out of the coconut flesh and is so good spread on toast.

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