Baltimore Area Restaurant Gems

One of the most difficult, yet exciting parts of visiting a new city is finding quality vegan food.  We weren’t about to spend the weekend in Baltimore living off of french fries, so with the help of, we decided to include trips to Great Sage and The Land of Kush in our sanctuary weekend.  No regrets here!

We went to Great Sage on Saturday night and the restaurant was packed.  It’s an upscale vegan and organic restaurant with the most impressive menu.  We started with the artichoke dip appetizer and our eyes immediately started rolling back in ecstasy.  It was creamy and perfect- no weird faux cheese taste.  Kat ordered the ‘crab’ cakes which were made with hearts of palm, but you would never know the difference – they were better than any traditional crabcake you could find.  The dish was complimented with a refreshing apple and butternut squash salad.  Cara went for the Adult Mac and ‘Cheese’ which was baked casserole style, loaded up with veggies and cannellini beans, and topped with breadcrumbs.  Brandon chose the Autumn Chili.  It was stick-to-your-ribs delicious and came with collards, cornbread, and quinoa.  We finished off the meal with Grilled Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Lava Cake- both were out of this world!

IMG_0185 IMG_0188IMG_0190 IMG_0193IMG_0196

Another nice aspect of Great Sage is that it’s part of the ‘Compassionate Corner’, a strip mall of several related stores, all focused on being environmentally aware and animal friendly. The other stores include a natural foods market, a pet supply store, a men’s clothing store, and a gift shop. We must mention that the pet supply store, Bark!, has some very tasty cannolli dog treats, and Brandon can attest to their deliciousness ;)

We decided to go to The Land of Kush for brunch on Sunday.  The restaurant is a hip little spot in the middle of the city and the menu was packed with tantalizing vegan soul food options.  We started with an order of the ‘chicken’ drummies to share.  They tasted so much like drumsticks, it was ridiculous, complete with a salty, crispy fried breading.  Cara went light after our feeding frenzy the night before and got a garlicky kale salad and a homemade ginger drink.  Brandon, being a breakfast man, ordered their special breakfast platter which included pancakes, potatoes, mock sausage, and a very unique and tasty tofu scramble.  Kat went all out and got the saucy barbeque ‘ribs’, smoked collard greens, and baked mac and ‘cheese’.  Needless to say, we all had our second food coma of the weekend when the meal concluded.

IMG_0199 IMG_0201

IMG_0205 IMG_0208 IMG_0202

Dining out vegan-style in unfamiliar territory can be intimidating at first, but if you just do a little bit of research ahead of time it will be a piece of (vegan) cake!

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